Myths And Facts

MYTH:  Once a septic system is installed, it will work forever without maintenance.

FACT:  A septic system, without proper maintenance, will eventually lead to costly repairs.

MYTH:  Septic System additives will take the place of having the septic tank pumped.

FACT:  Expert sources in Canada & the United States have found that septic system additives do not keep a system "healthy" and definitely do not take the place of regular maintenance of a septic system.

MYTH:  Household chemicals, such as disinfectants, medicines, paint thinner, etc. are not harmful to a septic system.

FACT:  The septic tank & leaching system are full of living organisms that make the septic system work. Normal household cleaners that are introduced into the septic system in moderation will not adversely effect it. Excessive amounts of these products can have a detrimental effect on the organisms. 

MYTH:  If you are not having problems, don't worry about a septic system.

FACT:  A septic system needs to be maintained on a regular basis.  If it is allowed to get to the "problem" stage, the system may already be at the point where costly repairs will be necessary.

MYTH:  Regular maintenance of a septic system is more expensive then fixing the system once it has failed.

FACT:  It is far cheaper to prevent a system failure then it is to correct.

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